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Kensington launches its first ever ESG targets 


We’re proud to present our first ever set of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets.  Not only is this the first time that Kensington has defined ESG targets, it is also a first for a specialist mortgage lender. Kensington sees ESG factors as key to its long-term performance and is looking to integrate ESG initiatives into its business.

An ESG framework is becoming increasingly important to how a business operates and is perceived by investors, employees and consumers.  Our framework brings together key initiatives from across Kensington into one cohesive set of targets that will help us ensure that we are creating a positive impact in both the workplace and the wider world.  

As a business, we will all support these targets through the work we do each day, and we will be measuring them on an annual basis so that we can publicly report on the progress we’re making in each area in 2021.


Why is an ESG policy so important for Kensington?

  1. It's the right thing for us to do
  2. They are fundamentally important to the overall purpose of Kensington and provide a clear blueprint for our Company's future and strategic direction
  3. They are increasingly important for new and existing colleagues 
  4. They form part of the decisions made by investors that have increased their commitment to responsible investment
  5. They are critical to long-term growth and help to drive competitive success.  
  6. They can attract consumers who want to buy goods or services from a socially responsible brand.

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