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Press Releases • February, 2020

Kensington Mortgages launches market first eKo Cashback Mortgage


Kensington Mortgages launches first eKo Cashback Mortgage

  • £1,000 cashback for qualifying customers making energy efficient home improvements
  • A market-first, designed to help make existing UK homes more environmentally friendly
  • Customers only need to improve their energy rating by 10 Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) points within 12 months of completion to qualify

London, 25 February 2020: Kensington Mortgages, the UK’s leading specialist mortgage provider, has today launched a market-first – a mortgage that rewards environmental home improvements – the eKo Cashback Mortgage. Whether an individual is buying an older home, or simply remortgaging – Kensington will pay £1,000 for improving the property’s energy efficiency evidenced on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

 The eKo Cashback Mortgage offers the cashback when a homeowner improves their energy efficiency within the first year of completion. Homeowners only need to increase their energy rating by 10 SAP points – the equivalent to insulating a hot water cylinder and installing low energy lighting, or putting in solar panels, or loft insulation.[1]  

 Kensington’s eKo Cashback Mortgage is a proposition for all individuals, across all properties in the UK. Starting from 3.04% at 75% LTV, the eKo mortgage also comes with free valuations, and free legal advice on remortgages. 


What counts as energy efficiency improvement?

 Energy Efficiency ImprovementPoints
1Swap to a condensing boiler47
2Install double glazing (UPVC)4
3Upgrading roof insulation13
4Low energy lighting2
5Insulating hot water cylinder8
6Loft insulation10
7Cavity wall insulation13
8Internal / external insulation of solid walls20
9Solar panels10


[1] For more information on Standard Assessment Procedure please see Government advice:


Mark Arnold

Mark Arnold

Chief Executive Officer, Kensington Mortgages
“Many people are becoming increasingly conscious of their carbon footprint and want to reduce it. So making energy efficiency improvements in your home is a no-brainer – you can help combat climate change and save on your bills at the same time. With Kensington’s new eKo mortgage you can also be rewarded in the form of cashback. We are particularly excited about this new product because unlike other green initiatives, the eKo Cashback Mortgage is targeted at efficiency improvements to pre-existing properties, rather than focusing on investment in new builds, offering the opportunity to help combat climate change to a much broader set of borrowers.”
Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts

Director, Legal & General Mortgage Club
“Like all industries, the housing and mortgage markets must react to the threat of climate change and the importance of reducing carbon emissions. Renovating existing housing stock is a crucial part of this mission and that means incentivising consumers who want to improve the energy efficiency of older homes. The launch of Kensington’s eKo Cashback Mortgage is a positive step in the right direction that will help to increase choice for consumers interested in green mortgage products.”